The new network is here, shattering classic network planning assumptions as it eliminates barriers of time and distance to support end user demands for a range of high-bandwidth applications and supported devices (BYOD). Tune in to The New Network podcast series to learn about the latest technologies and applications enabling organizations to change the way they do business, streamline operations and enhance their customers’ experience. Listen here or launch in iTunes.

IP network traffic is forecast to grow nearly 300% over the next five years and broadband speeds are expected to double to keep up.1 Businesses need network connections that can support today’s key applications and cost-effectively scale to capitalize on tomorrow’s opportunities. Learn from the president of a fast-growing company that has transformed its business and created market differentiation by leveraging video, big data analytics, the Internet of things, and fiber-optic networking.

1 “Cisco Visual Networking Index,” May 2015

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A recent report finds that 8 out of 10 schools are not meeting current goals for Internet bandwidth.1 With more than 12,000 students spread across 14 high schools and 9 middle schools, Green Dot Public Schools is staying ahead of the bandwidth curve to support growing application needs. In an in-depth interview, Green Dot Chief Information Officer Dr. Kevin Keelen shares real-world strategies for right-sizing K-12 network connections for success.

1 Connecting America’s Students: Opportunities for Action. An Analysis of E-rate Spending Offers Key Insights for Expanding Educational Opportunity,” EducationSuperHighway,April 2014

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Two out of three IT leaders said they expect demand for bandwidth will increase at their company over the next year. In this podcast you will learn about the applications that are boosting bandwidth requirements and meet organizations that have right-sized their network connections for success. To help you get ready to take action, a leading network engineering consultant shares step-by-step instructions for calculating the unique bandwidth needs of your business.

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Everyone is talking about Big Data, but few people really understand it- until we hear the stories. Through analysis of vast stores of customer information, UPS determines that it can improve delivery efficiency, safety and cost by eliminating all left-hand turns by its drivers.  Researchers at a pattern recognition startup learn that if you want to buy a used car in good shape, buy an orange one. In this Podcast we explore this Big Data phenomenon and the technologies that underlie its remarkable success and promise.

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In Africa, a woman undergoes a complex surgical procedure but the surgeons are thousands of miles away. In Canada, a doctor is notified electronically because her elderly patient has not opened her bottle of medication in two days. In the U.S., doctors scattered across the world consult in real time on a pediatric illness treatment plan.  This is 21st-century healthcare. In this Podcast we explore the inextricable relationship between medical care , telecommunications and telemedicine.

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Once the domain of voice and voice only, telecommunications has recently undergone a remarkable transformation. Thanks to convergence, the telephone network and the global Internet are rapidly becoming one, and the protocols that govern the Internet, including the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), have breathed new life into the incumbent network. In this Podcast we explore the role of SIP, SIP Trunking and how it is transforming service delivery.

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Across the world, education is being reinvented: Chalk and erasers have given way to smart boards, classrooms have given way to chat rooms, and the role of teachers has evolved from leader to facilitator. In this Podcast we explore the changing face of education and role that networking technologies play in that evolution.

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IT teams are facing a fork in the road when it comes to managing increasingly complex network infrastructure-do it in-house or leverage a service provider partner. When IT tasks are strategic and offer a competitive advantage, keeping them in-house makes sense. For mundane day-day network duties better suited to others, outsourcing may offer a better alternative. In this Podcast we explore Managed Network Services and the IT benefits of outsourcing infrastructure management.

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